Co-designing Initiatives to Reduce Over Representation in the Criminal Justice System

Koori Justice Unit engaged TACSI to support the progression of Aboriginal Justice Agreement work to address complex criminal justice challenges facing the Aboriginal Community.

The project consisted of identifying, co-designing and testing initiatives to build upon 17 years demonstrable progress and significantly impact on overrepresentation. The project was led by the Aboriginal community in Victoria with innovation facilitation and strategic support from The Australian Centre for Social Innovation.

The project followed a four stage process to build on existing work done by the Aboriginal Justice Forum, that included collaborative choice-making processes, prototyping and testing initiatives with key stakeholders and collaboratively defining the pathway forward towards implementation.

This work resulted in a set of 5 key innovation initiatives to shift the needle on Aboriginal over representation within the current Victorian Justice context while carving the pathway forward for an Aboriginal self- determined Justice System including:

  • A holistic family healing model
  • Aboriginal Innovation for Justice Units
  • Bail Breach Reduction Programs
  • Prevention for Young people
  • Koori-Driven Media.
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