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Shared Service On-call After Hours Service prototype

TACSI facilitated a collaborative project between three South Australian disability service providers – Community Living Australia, Lutheran Disability Services and Lighthouse Disability – to design and test a shared service approach to after hours, on-call support coordination.

The project was funded through the Innovative Workforce Fund implmented by National Disability Services and funded by the Australian Federal Government.


The situation

The implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) requires disability service providers to become more responsive to the needs of the people they support and at the same time operate in cost effective ways.

An issue most disability service providers are familiar with, is coordinating responses to after hours calls from clients accessing services and support workers seeking guidance. These duties usually fall to team leaders who assume responsibility as part of a rotating roster.

Our approach

In response to this situation a service concept prototyped two on-call coordinators to undertake an after hours, on-call role across the three disability organisations. To design and iterate the service concept a number of prototype approaches and tools were used to surface challenges and improve the service design.


Project partners will continue with the shared services approach to out of hours on-call coordination and are seeking further investment to build a cooperative business structure and increase the number of partners in the shared service.

Our suite of tools used and the evaluation approach taken are provided below.

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Suite of tools