Systems Initiatives

The challenges we face are far bigger than any singular app, policy or service – we need systemic responses that match the scale of the challenges we face.

Systems initiatives are long-term and focussed on tackling complex social issues through co-ordinated experimentation with partners across a system.

Our systems initiatives move through the life cycle and include long term initiatives to address homelessness through to how we can age better in home.

“Long term system change needs a collaborative effort, we need to build inclusive communities for change.”

Kerry Jones

Kerry Jones

Director Systems Initiatives

The Systems Initiatives team


Philanthropy, systems and change

Perspectives, tools and stories to help funders find their best-fit contribution to change.

Our systems initiatives

Future of home

With our ageing population rapidly growing, Australia urgently needs an integrated approach to ageing well. We know a good home is an essential part of that. Find out how.

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