Love Meets Power
Webinar Two

Thursday 11th June – 8:45am UK / 5:45pm AEST / 7:45 pm NZ


Love meets Power speaks to the human connection and strength that many social services and social responses leverage to enable and catalyse change in the individual.


Often, this sees ripples of change that asks the broader eco-system of community and policy – and each of us – to act differently if we’re all going to see the equitable benefits to community and social investment.

Join thought leaders, Charles Leadbeater, Carolyn Curtis, Immy Kaur, Alex Evans and Sophia Parker to unpack how Love and Power can be recalibrated to create deeper more sustainable change in our societies.

With speakers

Charles Leadbeater

Charlie has been at forefront of innovation movements since his report The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur published in 1997. His best selling books include Living on Thin Air and We Think: Mass Innovation Not Mass Production.

His TED talks on education and open innovation have been watched by millions of people. He is a life fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and a visiting professor at the Institute for Innovation and Public Policy at University College London.

Carolyn Curtis

CEO, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

As CEO of The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI), Carolyn Curtis brings over 20 years’ experience working in social innovation and the public sector to her role. Under Carolyn’s leadership, TACSI works on some of our most complex social challenges. From the pressures of an ageing population, to growing inequality and out-dated and ineffective public services, Carolyn believes social innovation is key to tackling the challenges of our time. Carolyn is a Non-Executive Director for the international innovation network, The Social Innovation Exchange. She is also on the boards of The Fay Fuller Foundation and The Difference Incubator.

Immy Kaur

Director, Co Founder, and Movement Builder in Birmingham

Immy Kaur is passionate about building fairer, more equal and just cities through people, place and open movements. Immy’s work focuses on building teams who understand, embrace and experiment with the powerful role of producing, convening, building civic movements and infrastructure, complemented by the application of design and complex systems science to solve our cities wicked challenges.

Alex Evans

Founder of The Collective Psychology Project

Alex founded the Collective Psychology Project in 2018. He is the author of The Myth Gap: What Happens When Evidence and Arguments Aren’t Enough? (Penguin, 2017), a book about the power of deep stories to overcome political polarisation and unlock systemic social and political change, and a Senior Fellow at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation.

Until March 2018, he was a Campaign Director at Avaaz, the 50 million member global citizens’ movement, where he spent most of his time running its Brexit campaign and also ran work on tax havens, and human rights. He’s previously been a special adviser to two UK Cabinet ministers, a policy expert in the UN Secretary-General’s office, and a research fellow for organisations from the Brookings Institution to the US National Intelligence Council. Alex lives in North Yorkshire with his wife, two kids, and one dog, and likes meditating, running, and trashy thrillers.

Sophia Parker

Founder and Chief Executive of Little Village

Sophia is an experienced social policy professional with a long-standing affinity for the disciplines of anthropology and design. Her career has taken a varied route as she’s experimented with new ways of involving people and communities more meaningfully in politics and decision-making. Sophia has held senior leadership positions in think tanks and charities, as well as working in government locally and nationally. She is a well published author and has held a number of unpaid positions as Trustee or Non-Executive Director.