Redesigning Ageing

We believe that all Australians have the right to age well, not just those who can afford it.

Our homes play a fundamental role in our wellbeing. Yet, growing numbers of older people are entering retirement with rental uncertainty or mortgage stress. We believe we can improve wellbeing for older people and reinvent how we live for Australians of all ages.

Changing the way we view our homes opens up the possibility of solving housing stress for people as they age. Through partnering with business, government, older people and importantly those with a passion to influence, TACSI is seeking to explore solutions that will change the way housing is delivered.

Influencing change

To lead change across several opportunities, we’ve tested the following solutions:


Building a new approach that enables older women to create safe and secure co-living situations

Reliable Rental Policy

Changing the legislative framework to increase outcomes for older tenants

Landlord Coalition

Building a movement for change through private landlords who want to achieve better outcomes for older tenants

Combating Social Isolation

A behavioural approach building social capability of people at risk of loneliness, to make and sustain friendship as they age

Shared Lives

Turning households into places of care and community connection as an alternative to institutionally based options


Scaling a proven model of peer to peer support for family carers to continue in their caring role. Visit the Weavers website.

Starting the Innovation Age

Our research has shown that people as they age are seeking:

  • Security of tenure and control of space
  • Design for connectedness, wellbeing and adaptability
  • Models to adopt and adapt to co-living

The essence of social innovation is to work with people’s lived experience to identify opportunities and solutions and then test these to find ways to engage, validate and scale in the real world.

“As a society we need to grow our imagination about what is possible as we age.”

Kerry Jones

Director: Strategic Initiatives

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The Future of Home

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Future of Home

It’s here! Our Future of Home book is the culmination of over seven years of research by TACSI and other organisations just like us all over the world.

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