Pippa Cattanach

Network Steward, People and Culture


Pippa loves to see people thrive, and her role as TACSI’s Network Steward for People and Culture means she spends her days striving to create the conditions for collaboration, wellbeing and learning.

She has over 15 years’ experience in organisational development for an NGO and local government, complexity science and community engagement in the education and environment sectors.

A relatively new starter at TACSI, she’s honoured to leverage her knack of creating a nourishing environment where people feel safe to to share their fears, challenges and dreams, and support staff to continue to tackle big social challenges with gusto, energy and joy.

A highlight of her career has been helping create ground breaking youth leadership models in the SA Murray Darling Basin region, which empowered students to take action on environmental issues. Working at TACSI aligns with her beliefs and values around social justice, equality and giving people a voice in issues that are important to them.

Outside of work, you’ll find Pippa spending time with her family and friends, and soaking up the healing powers of nature through bushwalking and camping.