Senior Social Innovator: Service Design

Michelle Miller

Bachelor of Graphic Design (Hons); Certificate of Executive Coaching (Level 1); PhD Candidate for Transition Design

Michelle’s unique background across design management, strategic design, commercial innovation, organisational transformation and systems thinking means she brings invaluable experience to her role as a senior social innovator. At TACSI, she leads groups through the innovation process, facilitates strategic conversations, and coaches people to build their own skills.

She’s dedicated to helping systems benefit people, as they are intended to do. Michelle focuses on helping groups collaborate to build the conditions, skills, relationships and ways of working to make innovation a reality. Her ability to listen and quickly distill different points of view, themes and patterns (often in visual ways) means she’s especially skilled at leading groups through conversations to find new ways forward.

A recent highlight is her work with the Regional Innovator’s Network (RIN). For the last eighteen months, Michelle and the TACSI team have supported three regional communities by helping them build capability in co-design, collaborate more successfully with partners and stakeholders, and become more strategic in how they work. This work will help RIN guide and deliver the place-based initiatives they support.

Michelle is also passionate about sustainability, and is currently working on a PhD to explore new ways to transition to regenerative agriculture, by design.