Marion Wands

Marion Wands


Marion is a social entrepreneur with an unwavering focus on improving the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians. Previously, she was the CEO of social enterprise ConNetica, where she lead mental health and suicide prevention related projects across Australia. 


She joined TACSI in January 2021 to lead the Our Town initiative, a 10-year mental health initiative which aims to empower rural and regional South Australian communities to improve their mental health for the long-term. She believes the pursuit of good mental health is everyone’s business, and is passionate about linking communities with relevant resources and support to build their capacity to lead and sustain their own mental health initiatives. 


For Marion, working at TACSI means being part of an organisation with purpose, commitment and passion, and having the opportunity to shape substantial change. 


When she’s not at TACSI, you’ll find Marion spending time with her friends and family in the great outdoors – most likely at the beach!