Social Innovator

Lucy Fraser

Senior Social Innovator: Co-design with Communities

Lucy’s background in industrial design means she brings a rigorous design process to addressing complex social challenges. At TACSI, she works across every stage of our projects to co-design solutions, services, principles and policies, and then helps implement them to get the best possible outcome.

She loves supporting people to turn their ideas of a better world into something tangible, particularly when it involves unlocking the wisdom of people who are usually silenced.

Lucy’s especially passionate about working toward a world where migrant, refugee and beautifully diverse cultural communities don’t face unfair barriers to great outcomes. Recently, she had the privilege of building relationships with South Sudanese Australians in Melbourne, helping them to create more supportive environments for thriving.

When she’s not at the office, you’ll find Lucy embarking on spontaneous hikes around the Adelaide Hills and South Coast – anywhere where there’s good scrub and lots of bird life.