Jess De Campo

Our Town Lead

Bachelor of Education

A teacher by training, Jess combines her experience in the education sector, youth justice, and policy and research to improve outcomes for people with social challenges.

A natural listener, Jess loves working with people who have had unique life experiences to get their input and insights. She loves asking questions and trying to understand other people’s perspectives, and hopes her time at TACSI will allow her to play a role in supporting people to have their voices heard and acted on by decision makers.

A recent highlight is her input into the SA Housing and Homelessness Strategy. Jess spent time with people who have or are currently facing housing challenges and fed the insights direct to the Minister’s office, where they’ll influence the Government’s 10 year strategy.

When she’s not at work, you’ll find Jess spending her time with her kids, wrangling the five acre garden on her Adelaide Hills property, and listening to podcasts.