Carolyn Curtis

Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Social Science; Diploma of Child Protection

After a decade of working in government as a child protection officer, Carolyn realised she would always struggle to drive the change needed from the inside. Now, as our CEO, she is unwavering in her commitment to convince people with power, influence and opportunity of the value in investing in social change.

Determined and unafraid to take risks, Carolyn is a fearless CEO who has created an organisation that cares for its people and enables them to do their very best work. There are very few social innovation labs across the country who make it past the 10 year mark, and for Carolyn, this has been by far her biggest achievement.

With an eye on the future, her goal for TACSI is to prove the value of bringing people into the heart of shaping society. Whether that’s through support systems, services or policies, she believes that we’ll get much further if we build a new type of relationship with both everyday Australians and those living on the margins.

When she’s not at work, Carolyn loves having a good laugh with family and friends, singing out loud, and anything that resembles going on an adventure.