Senior Social Innovator

Adv Dip Fashion Design; Master of Design


Anna describes herself as our resident “social systems masseuse”, spending her time imagining and implementing preferred futures by listening carefully, imagining differently and synthesising complexity. She is a talented visual communicator, having completed a Master of Design through UNSW focusing on speculative futures, design functions and contemporary art. 


Before joining TACSI, Anna was Lead Experience Designer and in-house artist at WILDON, Australia’s first ‘meaningful experience agency’, and prior to that she inhabited the fantastical world of fashion design.


Endlessly creative and passionate about getting to the heart of things, Anna loves that her role at TACSI gives her the opportunity to tinker with “the way things are” and affect a visible change in reality. Her hope is to give people a voice in the system who didn’t before.


Anna is currently working with TACSI on scaling Family by Family, an award-winning peer-to-peer support program that pairs families who need support with families who can provide support. Recently, she had the opportunity during the Covid lockdowns to help co-design an adaptation of Family by Family into a new remote service, The Virtual Village. 


When she isn’t at TACSI, Anna makes music in a post-punk band, and also loves camping especially stringing up complex arrangements of tarpaulins! She also dabbles in creative videography, illustration, painting, installation and performance art.