Senior Social Innovator

Alazne Alberdi Alvaro

Senior Social Innovator: Service Design

Bachelor of Industrial Design Engineering; Master of Science (MSc) in Strategic Product Design

A trained industrial engineer, Alazne spent her early career focused on designing products that make people’s everyday lives better. Now, at TACSI, she uses her experience to design support programs for people facing challenges in their everyday lives.

She’s passionate about giving every single member of our society a voice, and strives to create support systems that help to carve out safe spaces for people suffering from injustice. A natural collaborator, she loves working in a team and building on her colleague’s perspectives and strengths to achieve a common goal.

A recent highlight is her work with the Department of Education in Tasmania, who needed an early learning program for young kids who were finding it difficult to access and participate in education. Alazne and the TASCI team facilitated a co-design process aimed at getting early education practitioners to work with everyone around the child, like parents and social workers, rather than just the child. Feedback from the families who participated in the pilot has been incredibly positive.

When she’s not in the office, Alazne spends her time exploring new places – and loves nothing more than sitting down for a long chat with the new people she meets.