Working with Children

Recently we celebrated the talents and achievements of the families and children at Mt Druitt with a talent show and celebration of Family by Family in Mt Druitt, NSW.

Within Family by Family the role of children and young people in families and community is being increasingly acknowledged. We can see children, both young and old, be great role models for other children, calling out bullying in the school yard and being active change makers in their families and communities.

Applying the co-design methodology to this new focus area, so that children and young people continually feel more valued in the program, we have worked with older teens in an effort to design coaching sessions around their needs and wants.

The result – a specific teen space that allows older children to address and discuss their issues in a safe and owned space, away from younger children and parents.  This helps older teens and children focus their energy, debrief on their week past and have increased ownership within the program.

‘…it’s helping parents realise the value and contribution of their kids, even as babies in the program.  I believe they are [now] seeing their kids as change makers – which will help their children continue to be positive influencers in their lives well beyond engagement with Family by Family.’

– Emma Johnston, Kids Focused Coach