When Love meets Power

This paper on love and power is the product of an extraordinary context.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to test every system we have in place as a society, and the resources we have to manage it are increasingly limited.

The subject may seem unorthodox. ‘Love’ is not a word we often find in the professional sphere, particularly in association with ‘power’.

But bold ideas that remind us of what it means to be human feel of the utmost importance in these challenging times.

From declining mental health to unprecedented numbers of people experiencing loneliness and isolation, our ten years of practice has shown us that the right combination of love and power can be fundamental in addressing many of our deeply entrenched social issues.

At a time when many of us are uncertain about where to direct our energy and resources, we believe this paper represents a call to action for each of us and our efforts to create a better version of the society we leave behind.

As a critical friend, collaborator and thought leader, Charlie Leadbeater represents love and power in practice. His kind but clear guidance is invaluable and it has been a privilege to work with him in finding a language that reflects such important learning from our past ten years.

Whether a policy maker, practitioner, leader or coach – we hope this article takes you to a place of reflection and ignites your imagination about the possibilities that might exist in a future where love meets power.


Love meets Power

Written by Charles Leadbeater in collaboration with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

Love meets Power Webinars

Love meets Power speaks to the human connection and strength that many social services and social responses leverage to enable and catalyse change in the individual.

Often, this sees ripples of change that asks the broader eco-system of community and policy – and each of us – to act differently if we’re all going to see the equitable benefits to community and social investment. Join thought leaders, Charles Leadbeater, Carolyn Curtis and guests to unpack how Love and Power can be recalibrated to create deeper more sustainable change in our societies.

Keynote speaker
Charles Leadbeater

Hosted by
Carolyn Curtis, TACSI CEO

Webinar one

Recorded Thursday 4th June

With guests

Gael Surgenor
Director, Community and Social Innovation, The Southern Initiative

Marc Stears
Director, Sydney Policy Lab

Webinar two

Recorded Thursday 11th June

Immy Kaur
Director, Co Founder, and Movement Builder in Birmingham

Alex Evans
Founder of The Collective Psychology Project

Sophia Parker
Sophia Parker, Founder and Chief Executive of Little Village