What Older People Want

A report authored by the Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) for Office for Ageing Well is now publicly available on the theme ‘Listening to how we can support South Australians to age well.’

The report is the culmination of an initial phase of discovery and scoping looking at what it takes to age well in South Australia.

South Australia has one of the highest populations of older people, with the number expected to continue to increase.  

The report found three strong themes connected to ageing well, including managing change as we age, the importance of home, and the ability to make and retain meaningful human connections.

We are honoured to be working with the Office for Ageing Well and stakeholders in South Australia over the coming months to further inform the development of the next State Ageing Plan 2020-2025.

Kerry Jones, Director: Strategic Initiatives

In phase two of the project, to be completed by August this year, TACSI and Office for Ageing Well will engage with a diverse range of government, non-government and community stakeholders, including the private sector, to build on this work.


Future Directions to Support Ageing Well

Prepared for Office for the Ageing by the Australian Centre for Social Innovation.