Welcome to 2020

Our year kicked off with three days together in Adelaide learning, reflecting and planning. Our vision of a networked organisation is that of an operating model capable of responding to an ever-changing environment.

It is forward-facing, structured around people learning from the emerging future rather than seeking instruction from the past. It is authentic, completely transparent and always evolving.

But this takes work. More than we ever imagined.

So every year our TACSI network comes together every quarter to work on Innovating Us. We don’t discuss projects or initiatives, methods and tools – we work on building and practicing behaviours that support our culture, we co-create strategy and we work to keep growing our own individual and organisational cultural competency and confidence.

This year our own Aunty Vickey took us on a journey through the local park, each tree representing an important milestone in TACSI’s Journey towards reconciliation and our invaluable partnerships with Aboriginal communities. We talked about how far we’ve come but the distance still to travel as individuals, as an organisation and society.

As we enter our 10th year of operation we’re more determined than ever to move Social Innovation from the margins to a national priority. Australia needs a more effective and systematic way to identify, develop and deliver responses to complex social challenges. Royal Commissions alone will not suffice – we need the conditions and leadership to develop new evidence and meet challenges at the scale of which they exist. Along with a group of fantastic partners we’ve started to explore what a Social R&D System in Australia would look like. Globally, billions are invested every year into defence, tech, agriculture, science R&D systems – yet when it comes to our most pressing social issues, mechanisms to innovate at scale are completely absent. Lots more to come on this topic – stay tuned!

Other priorities for 2020 include continuing to build dynamic portfolios of work around our action areas, a national speaking tour with Emily Tow from the Tow Foundation in the USA, and new growth and partnership opportunities that will be announced in the coming months.

Without a doubt one of our biggest highlights from the past 10 years have been the amazing partners, communities and individuals we’ve had the opportunity to work with and learn from. Thank-you for coming on this amazing journey with us we look forward to chalking up another year with you in 2020.

– Carolyn Curtis, Chief Executive Officer at TACSI