TACSI in Sri Lanka

In 2018 we were in Sri Lanka working with, and visiting our international neighbours Citra – the first social innovation lab in South Asia, a joint venture of the Sri Lankan Government and UNDP.  Citra is a Sanskrit word that means curious, wonderful, and strange.

TACSI partnered with Citra to help recruit and train a multidisciplinary team that now includes ten people with backgrounds in design, data science, behavioural psychology, policy, social research, engineering, economics, politics and communications.

We’ve been talking about these processes for some time now as we’ve been setting up the lab and we weren’t really clear on them. Now when we see how these techniques actually work –  grounded in the challenges that we are being presented - it’s very encouraging and brilliant

Yassas Thalagala, Project coordinator

After conducting a week of hands-on learning and helping Citra develop their process for social innovation we’ve forged continuing relationships with the team and are retuning in 2019 to further develop social innovation capabilities. As we have learnt teaching innovation through a live project, in this case one focussed on reducing road traffic accidents in Sri Lanka, helps participants to actively understand the impact social innovation thinking can have.  This also helps participants develop the behaviours and routines it takes to effectively apply such a diverse team to tough social and economic challenges.