Meet Pip Bergin, our new project officer

TACSI newcomer Pip joins us from the City of Adelaide, where she supported a range of strategic projects. Endlessly curious with a strong desire to learn, Pip loves throwing herself into new experiences and situations.

What’s your role at TACSI?

I’m a project officer, so I work closely with project leads and social innovators to deliver work that makes a difference. I also support TACSI teams with event coordination, knowledge management and community engagement.

What were you doing before you joined TACSI?

I was working with the City of Adelaide local government supporting a range of strategic projects and on the ground design projects.

Think forward a few years. What impact on the world would you like to have had?

I would like to have influenced or contributed towards a piece of work that’s made a positive difference to people’s lives. Even if the change is small, if it opens the door to long term benefits, that would be awesome.

Do you have any skills or talents that most people don’t know about?

I’m really good at making gourmet sandwiches and Racing Patience (the card game)

What book are you reading right now and why?

I bought Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton book for my mum for Christmas on the recommendation of the Chat 10 Looks 3 podcast. Mum tore through it and has lent it to me for a summer read. So far I’ve found it to be absurdly funny and charming, sad and brutal, delivered with a beautiful writing style that captures a story I haven’t heard before. Would recommend!

If you could visit anywhere in the world you’ve never been, where would you go?

The Middle East and Africa

When you’re not at work, what do you get up to?

Anything related to food – cooking, eating out,  reading a cookbook. Cooking can be such a creative endeavour with a satisfying reward at the end.

What are you cooking in your kitchen right now?

Occasionally I’ll look at my partner and whisper “…chocolate brownie?” Then I’ll whip up a salted chocolate brownie that takes 20 minutes to make and about two minutes to eat.