Meet Jess!

We love seeing fresh faces in the office at TACSI but in Jess De Campo’s case, she’s a retuning alumna of our connected universal team.

Having been part of the original Radical Redesign team, Jess departed TACSI several years ago to work across transition planning for young children leaving custody. Fast forward and we feel very lucky to have lured her back. Welcome back Jess!

Where’s home for you?

I am a Melbournian, but lived in San Francisco, Darwin and rural Victoria before moving to Adelaide. I now live in the foggy Adelaide Hills, eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring.

What were you doing before TACSI?

This is my second stint at TACSI. Since I was last here, I have had two babies (!) and led a team and project within youth custody in Victoria focussing on transition planning for all children leaving custody. In this role I was lucky to work within the innovative Parkville College, a government school within youth custody in Melbourne, run with heart and rigour.

What do you do at TACSI today?

I have started off working on projects in the housing space, and am excited to join future projects operating at the intersection of education and justice, and with young people.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

To improve equity and access to opportunity for kids. To encourage more people with power to listen.

What do you like to do when not at work?

I love to hike, read books to my girls, cook spicy food. I also write for a few magazines, so enjoy doing that around the edges.