Social Innovator

Meet Euan

What are you reading right now and why?

The Ender Saga for some non work related escapism. It’s totally gripping storytelling – I’m really loving this series of young adult science fiction books by American author Orson Scott Card.

Where’s home? Where do you live?

Home is definitely something I carry inside me. It’s memories of my family and childhood in Scotland, formative summers working as summer camp counsellor in Maine, beginning to get know myself in Perth, Western Australia and following love, interests and intuition to Adelaide where I’m now living.

What were you doing before TACSI?

Prior to TACSI I was running my own consultancy in Western Australia for seven years. My work was focussed on applying human-centred design practices and principles to brand and organisational development for commercial organisations. I loved working for myself and the challenges inherent in being responsible for all aspects of my brand, business and customer experience.

What do you do at TACSI today?

I have quite a unique role at TACSI as my time is split between leading our organisational development project, TACSI Connect, and doing social innovation projects. The two complement each other as I have a strong insight into the on-the-ground operations and complexity of our project work, whilst also seeing the inadequacy of traditional organisational structures to support it. My three main social innovation projects are in the social health space and include; developing a model that articulates the role of primary care in providing an integrated response to domestic and family violence; understanding the application of network leadership principles to create systemic impact in end of life; and, co-designing new opportunities to create better outcomes for people managing multiple chronic conditions in South Australia. Internally, my organisational development work is focussed on moving TACSI towards a networked way of being where distributed power, responsibility and risk are built alongside foundational mechanisms for self-management, bringing your whole-self to work and evolutionary organisational purpose. I love the patterns I see across both my internal and external projects.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

I think it would have to be how we are taught (or not taught in most cases) emotional and sociological intelligence. Without these lenses I think we tend to view the world and human behaviour in overly simplistic terms, leaving us prone to picking what is comfortable and easy to comprehend. It gets in the way of accepting and dealing with complex problems and the change required to shift them.

What do you like to do when not at work?

I like to make things with my hands and I’ve recently started sewing with a view to making clothes someday. I also sing in an LGBT+ choir which brings me a lot of joy. My partner and I love going to the movies and being at home and making it ours.

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