Living Homeless

Lived Experience of Housing and Homelessness report released

Home is an anchor. A corner of the world to call our own. Home is far more than bricks and mortar, shelter, a rental agreement or a mortgage. Home is fundamental to our wellbeing and sense of self.

(Article released in 2019)

We spent the past seven years exploring the idea of home and housing for older people.

Having a home is a springboard to stability, structure, community, physical and mental health.

Workshop participant with lived experience of homelessness

Housing is a critical social policy issue in Australia.


Housing prices are 21.1% higher than five years ago.

As of 2019 we have a shortfall of 300,000 social and public rentals across Australia.

Mortgage rates have blown out by 600% since 2000. 116,000 Australians experience homelessness on any given night, and homeless has increased by 13.7% in the past four years.

I hope these people in power realise that this is about homes and helping us have a life, not just managing assets and problems.

Workshop participant with lived experience of domestic and family violence

Home helps me feel connected to a future.

Workshop participant with lived experience of disability

In 2018 TACSI worked with the South Australian Housing Authority to spend time with 93 people with lived experience of homelessness and housing challenges.


Their insights about housing and homelessness were collated and shared to inform the South Australian Housing Authority’s Housing, Homelessness and Support Strategy.

People were honest, passionate, pragmatic and creative in their response to the Lived Experience Workshops. They clearly demonstrated the ability to not just describe their housing challenges, but to create solutions.

People with lived experience generated numerous ideas to improve the housing system including:

  • Lived experience peer support workers.
  • Outcomes based funding.
  • Co-housing options and better boarding house options.
  • Culturally responsive housing options.
  • Mobile support services.

The report released in 2019 contains both people’s reflections on housing challenges and their ideas about how the housing system could help them chart pathways to home, as well as economic and social participation. TACSI would like to thank everyone who so generously gave their time and insight to developing this work, including all who attended Lived Experience Workshops.


Summary of Lived Experience Workshops

The Future of Home

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