La Trobe releases community led response

Recently The La Trobe Health Advocate released a new report and framework ‘Engagement Inspiration’ highlighting how communities can be engaged to support the innovation of health services.

Over the past two years The Australian Centre for Social Innovation partnered with La Trobe Health Advocate to help define, capability build and coach the organisation in collaborative engagement. This included building connections with groups including people living with disability, people living with chronic conditions and culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

The insights from this work form a community engagement framework with communities that may be experiencing disadvantage through disability, financial stress, isolation, family violence, chronic disease, mental illness, sexuality, cultural diversity, and age.

This engagement framework is now available for government, services and local organisations to access and put into practice to inform policy and practice in a compassionate way.

Who has consultation fatigue? Not La Trobe Valley communities…

What this engagement process revealed was an appetite amongst communities for more effective engagement with government and services. They have something to say and want to be heard. With a ‘What if” lens this project opened up the opportunity for discussion around what constitutes meaningful engagement and shifts thinking around alternate pathways and models of interaction between communities and government and services.

A number of key insights were also revealed including:

  • The importance of pets in communities.
  • How can engagement fatigue in communities be overcome?
  • The value of keeping it simple and social in community engagement.
  • The importance of connection and ability to ‘live life’ for people with chronic conditions.

Chief Innovation Officer Chris Vanstone reflects,

“It’s been fantastic to work with the La Trobe Health Advocate who are genuinely dedicated to hearing and elevating the voices of the communities to change health systems. Together, and with inputs from practitioners around the world, we’ve been able to explore a broad range of ways to engage community intelligence in change, beyond ‘co-design. This project was the first opportunity to work together applying that framework in community”

Ongoing this work will build upon the foundation of insights surfaced in people-powered innovation that will lead to the inclusion of other communities.

Engagement Inspiration

Engagement inspiration