Giving Connect

In an industry first, AET has launched a giving advice service with The Australian Centre for Social Innovation. The service, named Giving Connect, was designed in to help philanthropists navigate eligible charities to support through their foundation or donor advised fund.

“In Australia, there are currently over 29 000 eligible Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipients that philanthropists who have structured their giving can partner with” says Ben Clark, AET’s Head of Philanthropy and Social Investment. “Increasingly clients are seeking advice on which charities are best aligned with their charitable intent. Rather than connecting them with a specific charity, we have developed a service that provides a roadmap to help them connect with right partner, and an evaluation framework that helps assess the impact of their giving”.

AET and TACSI commenced work on the service in September 2017, with various iterations designed in collaboration with philanthropists. Dr Ingrid Burkett, Director of TACSI confirms:

“TACSI have been supporting philanthropists via our Theory of Change framework for over 9 years. We have taken the core principles of that service, and in collaboration with AET, developed a granting model which helps donors understand and articulate their charitable objectives, with the ultimate goal of developing meaningful philanthropic partnerships.”

The service employs a five-step process, including an online questionnaire to help identify donors identify their motivations and values and approaches to giving. Following the online survey, a 2 ½ hour workshop, run by a Giving Connect accredited facilitator, informs the client’s giving strategy. Clients are subsequently provided with a giving manual which helps inform their giving decisions.

 “The reality is that philanthropy is a specialist form of advice in its own right. Finding the right partner to help us achieve the best possible outcome for our clients was essential in supporting our clients to become effective in their philanthropy”

Says Roxy Kruger, partners of PMD Advice who observed her client’s Giving Connect workshop.

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