Families setting their own change goals

Last year Family by Family supported 154 Seeking Families – including over 290 children – achieve their goals and make lasting change in their lives.

Goal setting and monitoring is a key motivational tool in the program – with families choosing their own change goal being an important factor for success. 

Reviewing the kinds of goals that families create also provides some additional insight into what families want to change in their lives – recognising that no matter who you are, everyone has aspirations.

Through reviewing the last 5 years of family goals, the top 3 most common words across the change goals were – get – family – support.

Through drilling down into over 1100 family set change goals we found families wanted help: 

  • to build stronger more resilient families through:
    • Building new ways of doing family
    • Supporting young and first time parents
    • Helping children through health and behavioural issues
  • to develop strategies and support to reduce social isolation and connect into local communities
  • to strengthen personal health and wellbeing, supporting stronger family connections in the family space
  • to access stable housing and create a safe home
  • to learn more about Australia and what it means to live in a new country
  • to find a job, and all that goes into preparing for this
  • to build employability through further study 
  • to know what services are available in their specific community to help build and maintain their resilience

These insights continue to help us all better understand how and what families want to be supported to do to lead healthy and thriving lives!