Co-designing with the South Sudanese community

South Sudanese Australian Communities are strong and striving, and Melbourne is home to the largest South Sudanese Australian population in the country.

However, South Sudanese Australian Communities face many complex challenges, including those faced by other migrant groups.

In the years leading up to, and throughout this project in 2018, South Sudanese Australian Communities experienced increasing scrutiny from media, public and political spheres, in a way that South Sudanese Australian Communities and TACSI felt was divisive, racist and harmful to their success in Australia.

This project, ‘Co-designing better outcomes with the South Sudanese Australian Community of Western metropolitan Melbourne’ looked to increase understanding between South Sudanese Australian Communities, providers and government, and collectively propose initiatives that would support people to thrive.


Improving Outcomes with South Sudanese Australians

A co-design project to build on community strengths and initiate new solutions