Regrowth after bush fire

Reimagining community resilience in new $50m bushfire program

As a foundation program partner in a new five-year, $50m bushfire resilience program, we’ll be helping communities become more resilient through a strength-based, community-led approach

Since the devastating 2019/2020 Summer bushfires, there’s been a growing movement for community-led responses that reflect the priorities of local communities and respond to local context. In the wake of increasing bushfires, floods and other disaster events, it’s critical for communities to pave new ways to lead, imagine, connect and invest in their communities’ resilience.

The bushfire resilience program

TACSI is proud to be a foundation program partner in a five-year, $50m partnership between Monash University, Paul Ramsay Foundation (PRF) and Metal Manufacturers Limited, designed to grow the power of community leadership and action in bushfire-affected communities by developing novel approaches to strengthen community resilience.

Working closely with communities affected by the 2019/20 Summer bushfire, the program will:

  • Develop, test and refine a new model for community-led resilience that supports communities to co-create the foundations of long-term resilience and wellbeing.
  • Build an evidence base to demonstrate what can be achieved when communities are not just recipients of recovery funds but are supported to lead their own resilience-building.
  • Connect with government, agencies and other stakeholders, and provide mechanisms for shared learning and coordinated action.

Our role will be primarily on the ground

As a foundation program partner, we’ll be helping communities become more resilient through a strength-based, community-led approach. Our team will design, deliver, and integrate the work on the ground into the bigger program.

  1. Building new capability within communities, co-designing innovations and helping potential leaders step into new roles
  2. Focusing on mindset and real adaptive problem-solving by fostering learning across communities, and connecting them at a national level to learn from one another
  3. Using participatory granting, which means community participants will decide where the bucket of funds allocated to them gets spent
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Join us

Do you have strong community-based experience navigating complex systems? We’re looking for a Community Practice Lead to steer our new bushfire resilience program and work with communities affected by the Black Summer fires of 2019/20.