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Building a movement for change, with families.

Family by Family – a social capital enterprise.

We know that families who are going through hard times, need different connections and associations through informal supports, to be able to shift and address the barriers they face.

At Family by Family, our families are experienced, resourceful, and capable of creating change. Our model supports families to build interpersonal relations with other families, professionals and services that are rooted in trust, include reciprocity, mutual support and cooperation. The best resource at Family by Family is the families who have been through crisis themselves and are able to help others through lived experience. Creating helpful relationships in the community, has built social connectedness, community support and resources, this is called Social Capital.

Join Emma Johnston, ex-Family Coach and Kids Focused Coach with Family by Family in South Australia at the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies Conference 2018, 20 – 22 August 2018, International Convention Centre, Sydney.

Emma will discuss how building social connections and deeper networks with trust and authenticity can help create new ways for community inclusion and stronger families, and is the platform on which social capital can be built.

Visit the conference website for more information