A new vision for retirement

Mindset for Life is a peer-led personal development program for people around retirement to identify their strengths and skills, to describe what a successful retirement looks like for them and to positively plan this next phase of their lives.

Mindset for Life was developed by TACSI in partnership with people in the process of retiring and with Port Adelaide Enfield Council as a design and prototyping partner. Additional advisory support was provided by the Council of the Ageing SA.

The program responds to a gap in current offerings for people around retirement. Research from The Institute of Economic Affairs in the UK suggests that whilst retirement can have a short-term positive impact on health and wellbeing, over time the net impact can be negative, with the chances of suffering from clinical depression post retirement increasing by about 40% and of having at least one diagnosed physical illness by 60%.

While retirement planning is available, its focus tends to be on the financial aspects of retirement and fails to address finding purpose and meaning in life post-retirement. In general, existing offerings promote things to do: volunteering, community action, social clubs and formal learning. However, knowing what to do is difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for or how to apply existing skills and experiences in the context of retirement, many of which may have been built in a formal work setting.

The full Mindset for Life program includes an Introductory Taster session (1.5hours) to use as a recruitment and promotional tool and two peer-led planning and reflection sessions, each lasting about three hours, designed to be used in a small group setting. The program is designed to be run by peer convenors, volunteers who have already done the program themselves and want to support others like them to go through the sessions as a peer group.

TACSI has now handed over the ongoing development and roll out of Mindset for Life to Think Human, an Adelaide-based agency run by TACSI partner Mel Lambert, the design lead for Mindset for Life.

Think Human is now looking to share its resources and can offer a range of support packages to embed Mindset for Life in your community/locality/membership.

To find out more, contact Mel from Think Human.