Building the conditions

Informed by 10 years of social innovation practice with communities and partners, we have evolved our business model and strategy to focus in two areas;

Where we act

We are working with partners and communities to define specific systemic issues where we believe social innovation can make a measurable difference.

Building the conditions

We are joining forces organisations across Australia to build the infrastructure, conditions and capacity for social innovation to move from the margins to a national priority.

Where we act

Breaking Cycles of Disadvantage

Redesigning the Future of Ageing

Furthering Self-determination

Activating People Powered Health

Building the conditions

National Influence

Strategic Influence Development

Facilitating Community Led Innovation

Rethinking Institutions

We are joining forces with communities and organisations across Australia to build the infrastructure, conditions and capacity for social innovation to move from the margins to a national priority.

Applying old solutions to new problems won’t lead to the change we all aspire to. Social Innovation offers a pathway to forge new relationships with citizens, unlock latent resources in our communities and create services, policy and systems that work for people.

The future is going to look very different and collectively we have an opportunity to determine what that future looks like.

Activating national support for social innovation

We seek out opportunities to influence national strategy and policy that supports a move beyond old ways of solving problems and invests in cultures of experimentation and greater collaboration between citizens and institutions.

Case study: Social R&D Coalition

Convening and leading opportunities for learning

We create space and opportunities for shared learning and reflection. From events and thought leadership, through to the development and open sourcing to tools and creation of communities of practice – the ability to accelerate and act on what we learn is at the heart of social innovation.

Case study: Philanthropy and Systems Change

Growing capability and mindsets

From schools through to universities, communities and institutions we seek out strategic opportunities to grow the capability and mindsets required in tackling complex social issues and the conditions that hold those issues in place.

Case study: Regional Innovators Network

Reshaping organisations and institutions for the future

We partner with organisations and institutions who are committed to building authentic relationships with citizens and embedding rigorous social innovation practices.

Case study: TACSI Connect



We want to reinvent how we live as we age, and reimagine the future of home.


Activating Social Health

We want to put the social back into healthcare, by building systems that activate the full potential of people and communities.


Furthering Self-determination

Collaboration and partnership to support Community-led innovation.


Disrupting Disadvantage

We want to create pathways for families to rebound from crisis and reach their potential in society and the economy.


Philanthropy, systems and change

Perspectives, tools and stories to help funders find their best-fit contribution to change.

Work with us

We help governments, not-for-profits, philanthropy and businesses to make change that leads to better lives.