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Building the conditions

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Facilitating Community Led Innovation

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We are joining forces with with communities and organisations across Australia to build the infrastructure, conditions and capacity for social innovation to move from the margins to a national priority.

Concurrently we are:

  • Identifying and activating national level opportunities
  • Enabling innovation within existing fields of social impact
  • Facilitating community led innovation
  • Creating the organisational conditions for co-planning, co-design, co-delivery and co-evaluation

Identifying and activating national opportunities

We’ve joined forces with a coalition of national organisations to develop Australia’s first Social Innovation Declaration. The role of the Declaration is to move beyond individual brands and strategies towards a shared narrative and bold vision for growing social innovation across Australia. We need to move beyond old ways of solving problems and investing in cultures of experimentation and greater collaboration between citizens and institutions.

South Sudanese Australian Co-design

Enabling innovation within fields of social impact

We believe that national level actions to improve the conditions for social innovation will only be effective if they are accompanied with intentional ground-up efforts to across the diversity of social impact fields, such as ageing, education and housing. For example TACSI is currently prototyping multiple action-orientated networks across Australia to connect and further catalyze innovation in the end of life field, including aged care, palliative care, the funeral industry and carers. We’re also supporting an alliance of philanthropic foundations to explore their appropriate roles they can play to enable systems change.

Facilitating community led innovation

There is great interest in Australia in enabling community-led, place-based innovation. We’re exploring and developing a range of practice and approaches to drive collaboration and place based impact. We’re working with communities, intermediaries and funders to develop new ways to build community capability, enable self-determination and leverage more effective resourcing of community-led innovation.

Creating the organisational conditions

To embrace social innovation a lot of conditions need to be in place – mindsets, skills sets and processes as well as the permission and resourcing to develop and scale innovations. Too many well intentioned innovation teams, programs and projects fail to reach their potential because all of these things are simply aren’t there. TACSI works with organisations to develop innovation approaches that fit context and create the best chances of success, enabling organisations to integrate lived experience to planning, design, delivery and evaluation.