Social Innovation Webinar Series

QLD Department of Justice and Attorney-General


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Webinar 1: What is co-design and what does it take to do well?


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Book: Convivial Toolbox: Generative research for the front end of design, Liz Sanders, Pieter Jan Stappers, 2013
Tools for generative design research.

Book: The Power of Positive Deviance: How Unlikely Innovators Solve the World’s Toughest Problems Richard Pascale, Jerry Sternin, Monique Sternin, 2010
Introducing the positive deviance method

Book: Serious Play: How the World’s Best Companies Simulate to Innovate Michael Schrage, 1999
An exploration of prototyping in a commercial context

Book: A Practitioner’s Guide, Todd Zaki Warfel, 2009
An exploration of prototyping in a digital context

Article: Prototyping at Dyson,, 2011
Prototyping in product design engineering

Article: Prototyping at McDonalds, 2010
Service prototyping at McDonalds

Book: The Design of Business – Martin
Good text on design thinking

Article: Design Thinking, Tim Brown, Harvard Business Review, 2008
Good article that introduced the term design thinking

Book: Change by Design, Tim Brown, 2009
Less good book about design thinking

Case study: Smart life &, Kenya – Rapid service and business model prototyping
Video presentation – Design in Real Time, Lydia Howland
Part 1- First prototype | Part 2 – Business prototype | Part 3 – Launch of business

Case study: Family by Family, TACSI, Australia – Co-design process for TACSI’s Family by Family solution
Introductory video | Book chapter | Making of video

Webinar 2: An introduction to design for government policy making and commissioning


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Slideshow: Designing policy experimentation, Christian Bason, 2016
How to identify, design, run and learn from innovative policy interventions.

Article: On prototyping and putting something out there… Vsant Chari, 2017
The importance of prototyping in policy.

Report: Applying design approaches to policy making: discovering policy lab, Lucy Kimbell, 2015
Insights into what design-based approaches bring to policy making.

Article: Policy v5.127: Could government make services like Dyson makes vacuums?John Lappin, 2015
The need for design in government to refine policy.

Article: Towards an experimental culture in government: reflections on and from practice, Geoff Mulgan, 2017
How to articulate the value of experimentation in government contexts.

Report: i-teams: The teams and funds making innovation happen in governments around the world, Ruth Puttick, Philip Colligan, Peter Baeck, Nesta, 2014
Explore in-depth twenty innovation teams and funds from around the world.

Article: The Alberta co-lab story, Alex Ryan, 2016
Redesigning the policy development process in government.

Article: What is systemic design? Alex Ryan, 2016
Describing systemic design and how to apply it.

Report: Learning from failure: Why large government policy initiatives have gone so badly wrong in the past and how the chances of success in the future can be improved, Peter Shergold, 2015
An independent review of Government processes for the development and implementation of large public programmes and projects.

Slideshow: Introduction to policy lab, UK Policy Lab, 2014
UK Policy Lab projects and activities to date and plans for the future.

Article: Making design work in the public sector, Chris Vanstone, 2017
TACSI’s reflections on its work with governments across the country when applying design approaches in the public sector context.

Article: The dangerous lure of ideas, Chris Vanstone, 2014
The benefit of co-design for policy and how it can be used to reduce risk.

Book: Leading Public Design: Discovering human-centred governance, Christian Bason, 2017
A framework for understanding and learning an emerging management practice, leading public design.

Book: Design for Policy, Christian Bason, 2016
The emergence of collaborative design approaches to innovation in public policy.

Webinar 3: An introduction to systems innovation by design


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Video: An introduction to Systems Thinking, Peter Sense, 2014
Short introduction from author of The Fifth Discipline

Article: Three Keys to Unlocking Systems Level Change, Susan Misra & Jamaica Maxwell, Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2016
An exploration of how a systems mindset, identifying the right tool for the job, and paying attention to human dynamics can help leaders move from theory to action when facing complex social problems.

Paper: Systems Innovation Discussion Paper, Nesta, Geoff Mulgan and Charles Leadbeater, 2013
An exploration of what it means to transform a system and why systemic innovation becoming more important.

Paper: Thinking in Systems: A primer, Donella H Meadows, 2008
How to develop the systems-thinking skills.

Video: New Foundations for Social Change, Ingrid Burkett and Indy Johar, Open State Festival, 2017
Includes TACSI’s Ingrid Burkett talking about the Disadvantage in South East Melbourne project and Indy talking about the need for a boring revolution

Paper: Building Impact Movements – Place-based systems change for children and young people in North Camden, 2017
Indy Johar’s thinking on place based sysetms change informed by practice

Paper: Systems Change: A guide to what it is and how to do it, Ellen Harries, Rachel Wharton, Rob Abercrombie, New Philanthropy Capital, 2015
An exploration of alternative and complementary traditions in systems change and their shared principles

Case study: New York State Juvenile Justice – Systems innovation within collective impact framework
Video & paper: New York State Juvenile Justice- Progress toward System Excellence, FSG, 2010

Case study: Violence Reduction Unit Glasgow – Shifting the paradigm for systems of violence
Video: Proceed until Apprehended, Karen McKlusky, TEDxGlasgow
Article: Karyn McCluskey: the woman who took on Glasgow’s gangs, Jon Henley, The Guardian, 2011
Article: Glasgow smiles: how the city halved its murders by ‘caring people into change’, Peter Geoghegan, The Guardian, 2015
Report: Preventative criminal justice in Glasgow, Scotland, Reform UK
Website: Violence Reduction Unit Scotland

Webinar 4: Designing services for consumer-driven and outcomes based markets


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Article: Three Views for Innovating in the Complexity of the NDIS, Lauren Weinstein, TACSI, 2017
A written overview of the three lens model with links to templates and learning resources

Webinar 5: Funding innovation for social impact


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Prize Challenges
Paper:‘And the winner is..’ – Capturing the promise of philanthropic prizes – McKinnsey and company, 2009

Paper:Challenge Prizes Landscape Review, Nesta, 2012

Paper: Challenge Prizes – A practical Guide, Nesta, 2014

Paper: Why contests improve philanthropy – Six lessons on designing prizes for public impact, Knight Foundation, 2013

Paper: Using social challenge prizes to support people powered innovation – Based on lessons from the Big Green Challenge, Nesta,

Case study: The Community Contact Service
Social Procurement Australia, Case Study Compendium, Ingrid Burkett, Foresters Community Finance, 2010

Paper: The UK Public Sector concept of commissioning, CIPS Australasia, 2010

Article: Part1: Competition as a means to an end: supply chains and human services, Nicholas Gruen and Chris Vanstone, The Mandarin, 2016

Article: Part 2: Competition as a means to an end: human services supply chain needs a brain, Nicholas Gruen and Chris Vanstone, The Mandarin, 2016

Paper:Double Government: The Art of Commissioning Public Services, Gary Sturgess

Paper: TACSI submission to the productivity commission on competition in human services, Chris Vanstone and Nicholas Gruen

Article: Systematising the Steps from Evidence to Impact: Amplifying the Royal Commission’s Recommendation for an Early Intervention Research Directorate, Lauren Weinstein, 2016

Paper: TACSI submission to the Australian Government’s Social Impact Investing Discussion Paper, 2017

Webinar 6: An introduction into building in-house innovation capability


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