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About the training

Family and Community Services (FACS) in NSW has an ambitious goal to break disadvantage and see that people are included in their communities. To drive this vision, they want their workforce to engage in learning opportunities which allow them the time and space to step out of fixed ideas and ways of working, and find new ways to power an ethos of ‘restless improvement’ across the department. 

Building off of the relationship with TACSI-designed solution Family by Family, Lisa Charet of the Western District of FACS engaged TACSI to introduce the ideas and methods behind co-design to some local staff.

Intended objectives

As a result of the training, what were participants intended to do differently back at work?

  • Staff should be engaging with clients differently, coming to interactions with a different sense of self (empowered, humanistic), open ended questions, and tools to learn more deeply about people they serve.
  • Staff should be reflecting in their practice, unearthing their assumptions and continually adapting to be more of service to clients.
  • Staff should know how to record experiences, create space to consolidate learnings into patterns, look for contradictions and inconsistencies, analysing insights, and share the results through better storytelling.
  • By engaging in these practices, staff should be able to design and action service delivery differently, leading to real outcomes for clients.
  • By working on a shared project across teams, participants should form stronger relationships, contributing to the vision of one FACS.

Next steps

If you would like assistance preparing a presentation to give to your colleagues, please email Ryan. He’ll be happy to help prepare a small powerpoint deck customised to your audience and needs.

There are some opportunities to participate in current TACSI projects with FACS, coordinated through your managers and Ash Alluri. We hope even more of these will become available in the future as FACS continues to explore co-design as a way to drive innovation.

There will be some opportunities to reflect on your experiences on film, and some opportunities to participate in some internal FACS events around innovation. More information to follow in the coming months.

Presentations from the training

Day 1: Concepts

Day 2: Practice (Cards and Ethnos)

Days 3-4: What’s an insight?

Day 5: Making sense

Day 6: Storytelling

Final presentation introduction

Additional tools and materials

You can find additional tools and materials online here.