Creating change requires programs and services that are attractive to people, effective at creating change, sustainable and spreadable.

Developing new and better programs and services is resource intensive, but the trend toward performance-related and consumer-directed funding is slowly making it a more financially viable proposition.

TACSI partners with organisations committed to innovation, outcomes and scaling to develop, test and spread next generation services and supports.

We use co-design research methods to better understand people and context, and make strategic choices for opportunities. (See Developing Insights)

Before piloting new solutions we prototype at a small scale: to learn what works, what doesn’t and what improvements to make to the model.

When we were developing Family by Family, we ran a first version of the program for 20 weeks with 20 families. We had to try five versions of recruiting families before we got to language that worked. Our first version of training left families confused, the third was much better and much shorter. We had to try seven different versions of measurement before we settled on the ‘bubble diagrams’ – still core to the program today.

Through prototyping we refined the user experience, the theory of change, and the business model.

When we’d established the model, we moved to trial it, running the service at capacity with a rigorous evaluation that would create the case for further investment.

Over the past three years of trialling Family by Family we have been carefully tracking outcomes for families and the system. We can report on the cost benefit ratio ($7:$1), qualitative outcomes, and comparison with like programs.

Alongside trialling a program, we need to design and prototype the model for spreading it and maintaining its fidelity, carefully constructing and implementing support services.


Family by Family
Family by Family is a peer-to-peer solution working in child protection. Currently on trial in SA and NSW, the model provides a cost benefit to government of $7 for every $1 spent. Our ambition is to scale Family by Family across Australia.

Weavers is a peer-to-peer network for improving the wellbeing of carers. The model is currently on trial in SA. We are seeking partners to adopt Weavers into their own context.

Solutions Development Partner
We partner with organisations committed to innovation, outcomes and scaling to develop, test and spread next generation services.

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