Embedding innovation is often easier said than done, however it’s critical if we ever hope to shift some of the great social challenges faced by people in Australia.

Most organisations are built for performance, to repeat routine tasks with greater efficiency and effectiveness. Success here should be defined by creating outcomes.

Innovation involves working with great uncertainty and success is defined not by outcomes but by learning; learning what may lead to better outcomes.

TACSI have developed introductory training to build awareness of what it means to innovate, and for organisations to adapt an approach to their context.

We work alongside teams to carry out and manage innovation projects, helping to develop deeper skills through reflective practice.

We help commissioning bodies and philanthropy to fund and procure innovation. For example, running an challenge to spark innovation in employment for people with disabilities.

Our learning modules are based on tools, methods and insights from practices they draw from design, business and social science.

Key modules include:

  • Introduction to Innovation
  • Introduction to Co-design
  • Introduction to Implementation
  • Starting innovation projects
  • Learning from people
  • Mapping Systems
  • Describing opportunities
  • Modelling change
  • Modelling user experience
  • Business Modelling
  • Paper prototyping
  • Experience prototyping
  • Creating the conditions for innovation in your organisation
  • Procuring innovation


Introductory Modules
Short introductory modules for organisations to build awareness and basic understanding of co-design innovation.

Innovation Coaching
Tailored coaching from experienced TACSI facilitators alongside live projects.

Funding Innovation 
We partner with funding bodies to design and run funding processes for innovation as an accelerator or challenge model.

Relevant work