TACSIFEST is a series of events sharing The Australian Centre for Social Innovation’s latest work in child protection, ageing and disability, exploring what it takes to co-design policy and services, build innovative organisations and innovate across systems.

Events are taking place in The Australian Centre for Social Innovation’s home town of Adelaide, in Sydney in advance of opening our office there (Update: Sydney event postponed. Our apologies to those planning to attend, we hope to have a new date soon) and at our Melbourne Office with partners TDi, on November 22, November 23 and December 1 respectively (that’s next week Sydney and Adelaide folks!).

Each TACSIFEST is made up of three sessions, covering latest developments in the areas of children and family, ageing and disability. You can attend one session or make a day of it and stick around for all three, it’s up to you.


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More background:


Children, families, co-design and adaptive systems

Co-design innovation might be flavour of the month, but what is it, what does it take to do well, where does it go wrong and when does it reach it’s limits? Drawing on 6 years of work in child protection and family services TACSI will share their structured approach to developing new services, creating the conditions for innovation and their ideas for building and adaptive systems to help children thrive.

This event is for anyone interested in:

  • Co-design
  • Reducing the risk of innovation
  • Creating a context for innovation in their organisation
  • Systems innovation
  • Innovation in child protection and family services


For more on our work in this area see Chris Vanstone’s recent talk:


Sydney and Melbourne: Ageing, housing and prototyping policy

Could prototyping reduce the risk of policy failure and increase the chance of policy success? This session will explore how TACSI plan to prototype policy as part of their Innovation Age initiative which is accelerating the development of the next generation of services and supports for Australia’s baby boomers. We’re developing new policy to increase security of tenure, grow a market for home sharing and increase affordable housing options for boomers.

This event is for anyone interested in:

  • Prototyping policy through a structured design approach
  • Reducing the risk of policy failure
  • Ageing and baby boomers
  • Housing


Adelaide: Ageing, South Australia and system innovation

Can South Australia become a hub for innovation in ageing, what would would it take to get there and how can we ensure all older people are included?  TACSI have been trailing a national innovation network to catalyse the next generation of services and supports for Australia’s baby boomers with a particular emphasis on innovation that is economically, socially and culturally inclusive.

This event is for anyone interested in:

  • Systems innovation
  • Ageing and baby boomers
  • South Australia as an ageing hub
  • Inclusive innovation with older people


For more background on our research into ageing well in Australia see Ingrid Burkett’s recent talk:


Disability and designing customer driven business models

How can disability service providers expand their customer base and find sustainable business model under  NDIS? This session will share elements of three workshops that were co-designed with 18 South Australian disability organisations.  Learn about how to use user centred design adn the business model canvas to understand your potential customers, build a sustainable business model.

This event is for anyone interested in:

  • Innovation within a consumer directed funding environment (Eg CDC and NDIS)
  • Building NDIS readiness capability
  • Disability services
  • Business models