TACSI was born in Adelaide in 2009 but has always sought to play a role nationally, and internationally, as we pursue innovations which shift endemic social issues – that’s why we’re The Australian, not South Australian, Centre for Social Innovation.

Adelaide continues to be our home, and we have benefited enormously from the support of government and civil society here as we established ourselves and found our feet. However scaling impact has always been our ambition. We’ve seen some great results from our work in designing new solutions, however its time to broaden our horizons and hold ourselves accountable to creating change on a large-scale.

Our work in the area of families and child protection led to the development of Family by Family and our work in ageing and caring led to the development of Weavers, and demand for these solutions led to pilots and implementations in a number of states. So, quietly, TACSI has become a truly national organisation over the past few years, with staff and projects in multiple states, but we still only had one address: Adelaide.

We’re excited to take the next step in our growth by announcing that we are opening an office in Sydney!

We are excited to build new partnerships with local organisations and stakeholders working in the public sector and to participate more fully in the local social innovation community. We’re not truly new to Sydney – Family by Family has just celebrated its two year anniversary in Western Sydney, we’ve had a great partnership with the Centre for Social Impact to hold the Design 4 Social Innovation conference here annually as part of Vivid Festival – but this is a big step for us; not just about implementing specific projects in specific locations but opening up the full suite of our resources and skills to the sector, ready to apply our innovation practice to challenges in families, ageing, child protection and more.

And to do that we need great people.

We are currently recruiting a startup team of four – all working in our innovation practice – based in our new Sydney CBD office.

We’re looking for two Principal Social Innovators to our Sydney team, leaders with 10+ years experience in one or more of Human-centred Design and Social and Public Sector Innovation.

We’re also looking for two Senior Social Innovators, specialists with 5+ years experience in one or more of the following: Design Research or Social Science Research, Human-centred Service and System Design, Social/Public Policy Development, Social Work and Practice.

Find out more about these opportunities and how to apply.


Finally we’d like to extend a very big thank-you to all of the people, communities, and organisations who have supported TACSI over the past 7 years. It is your commitment and determination to see all people live good lives that has brought TACSI to where we are today, and your ongoing support and community that will help us get to where we’re going next.