2016 was jam packed for us at TACSI and we made some great progress in both our work and as an organisation. We are in the process of opening new offices in Sydney and Melbourne and have been recruiting great leaders to fill them. Family by Family continued to grow rapidly, presenting us with rich learnings on managing this growth and maintaining our innovative culture. We launched our Innovation Age work on positive ageing and open-sourced Weavers, our peer-to-peer mentoring model for carers. At the end of the year we welcomed David Knox as our new chair, to help steer us through our next stage of growth.

The start of 2017 will see us welcome some amazing new people into TACSI after our recent (unfinished, see above!) recruitment round. Several of these new team members are globally-recognised leaders in human-centered design and we’re thrilled to have them joining us in Adelaide and in our new office opening in Sydney in February. We will be introducing them to you more fully in the new year.

With their help we will be full steam ahead on designing the intricate systems, tools, routines and communication for our move to self-managed social innovation teams. Family by Family will also present us with a roller-coaster of emotions, opportunities and challenges as we walk into the next phase of growth.

Huge thanks to all our partners, funders, collaborators, team members and advocates this year. None of this progress would have been possible without you and we’re looking very forward to continue our work to develop and spread innovations that change lives in 2017.


Carolyn Curtis,