The Innovation Age

A TACSI Initiative

The Innovation Age aims to kick-start a new generation of policy, services, and supports to meet the changing needs of Australia’s baby boomers.

We need to find sl ways for the 5.3 million people aged between 51 and 69 in Australia to live the lives they want as they age. There is a growing need to re-think the future of ageing to address the social, economical and health care challenges baby boomers will face as they age.

The Innovation Age initiative, funded by the J.O. & J.R. Wicking Trust, aims to create and deliver new solutions to reduce the predicted economic impact of an ageing population, and to help shift public attitudes on the value, contribution and potential of older people.

Drawing on the lived experience of baby boomers, the initiative will be developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most innovative services providers, public servants and researchers.

Initially the work will focus on shifting systems relating to home and housing, an area of great discontent for boomers. We’re asking the question ‘what will it take to enable all baby boomers to live how they want to live as they age?’.

I’d rather end my own life than end up in care.

– Lara, Queensland

We’ve been talking to a very diverse range of boomers across the country and the one fear they all have in common is not being able to live where they want to live as they age.

Our next phase of work is to understand the challenges of home and housing in more detail.

We’re exploring how Home and Housing connects to wellbeing and vulnerability and the alternative models of home and housing that are emerging across the world.

Ultimately we want to build a coalition of partners committed to help design and scale alternatives for home and housing across Australia.

You can read our latest report here:
Starting The Innovation Age: Baby Boomers’ perspectives on what it takes to age well


If you or your organisation want to join us and invest in redefining ageing we’re keen to hear from you.
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