NDIS Readiness and Beyond: Designing new NDIS readiness supports with and for providers to deliver on the ambition of the NDIS.

Prepared with the support of the Fay Fuller Foundation

TACSI and The Difference Incubator (TDi) worked with 18 service providers to identify what it would take to be viable under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and deliver on the ambition of the NDIS for people with a disability. The report contains recommendations for funders of capability building as well as resources for providers.

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What service providers told us

The 5 key questions

The opportunity

Further information

What service providers told us

A number of service providers told us the rapid consultations and assessments from TACSI and TDi were very different from other readiness sessions they had experienced.

Providers valued highly the ambition of the NDIS and they wanted the best for people with a disability. However, they felt some existing readiness offerings, while informative and helpful, were insufficient for successfully transitioning from an environment of block funding to consumer-directed markets.

To be NDIS ready is more about understanding ourselves and our clients' needs not just focusing on systems and processes

– Service Provider

The 5 Key Questions

Through our work we found that disability service providers seeking to develop desirable, viable, and feasible business models needed support in answering the five deceptively simple questions in the diagram below with the relative importance to each of the four key groups: executives and boards, senior managers, front-line teams and back-office teams.

Answering these questions in sequence can provide a route to readiness that helps providers understand their particular position, strengths and challenges in the NDIS ‘marketplace’.

The opportunity

If the NDIS is a success it will create futures that were previously unimaginable for people with disabilities. To achieve this, we will need to raise the bar on what constitutes NDIS readiness.

Funders of capability building will need to target investments that help providers develop customer centred services and business models. To realise the ambition of the NDIS, funders should also focus on creating the market conditions that support ‘lead innovators’ to emerge who can create the breakthrough services that can be more widely adopted.

Further information

TACSI and TDi are keen to share our insights into a new kind of NDIS readiness with funders and providers. We will be running seminars across Australia in early 2017.

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