Co-creating an NDIS strategy with clients and volunteers

Riding for the Disabled SA

TACSI worked with Riding for the Disabled SA clients, their family and carers, volunteers, staff and board members to articulate the astounding value of the program and identify opportunities to become NDIS ready.

Riding for the Disabled gave me the courage to meet new people and helped with my development. A big part of who I am today has been influenced by Riding for the Disabled - and I will always be grateful

– Billy, Former RDA SA Participant

The introduction of the NDIS means that we are in a period of unprecedented change. As an organisation we are therefore bending… towards innovation in our methods…while doing all that we can to remain true to our mission of who we are and why we exist: to see the transformation in our clients’ lives. They are at the centre of all that we do.

– Matthew Anderson, Executive Officer at the time of the project, Riding for the Disabled (RDA) SA

Riding for the Disabled (RDA) could see their strategy would need to adapt in order to fit with the NDIS. To prepare for NDIS rollout RDA worked with TACSI to facilitate strategic innovation with the RDA community. Through co-design research, RDA connected with 200 clients, parents and caregivers, community members, volunteers, staff and board members. The insights from this work helped RDA articulate the unique value it has for clients, volunteers and the community, also identifying outcomes they hadn’t realised they were creating. The work also identified some challenges – including effectively supporting the volunteers that are key to what they do.

TACSI helped RDA apply these learning’s to their current model, and considering the requirements of the NDIS, built a ‘change roadmap’ to improve the service delivery, revenue streams and organisational focus. TACSI’s work with RDA helped plan for a client driven, volunteer supported and sustainable future under the NDIS.

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