Stephen Huddart Tour – Seats selling fast

In partnership with Perpetual and Philanthropy Australia we are delighted to welcome Stephen Huddart (President and CEO of The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, Montreal) touring Australia in March, including dates in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

Stephen is President and Chief Executive Officer of The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation, a private foundation based in Montreal. He’s a passionate advocate for social innovation and together with The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation are leading the way with building healthy communities, reconciliation between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. The Foundation believes that the economy and social systems should advance the wellbeing of all people, and in which the natural environment is stewarded for future generations.

This outstanding philanthropic speaker will discuss his success as well as lessons learned in philanthropy over time. A global leader in Philanthropy, The J. W. McConnell Family Foundation is a world-leader in designing and catalysing a social innovation ecosystem that is stimulating inclusive growth both in Canada and discussion worldwide. Its focus is to enhance Canada’s ability to address complex social, environmental and economic challenges by developing, testing and applying innovative approaches and solutions.

Join us at this thought leadership forum as we hear from Stephen’s through this forum roadshow. A panel discussion with social innovation leaders from Australia will follow, along with an opportunity for you to contribute to the discussion.

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Adelaide Mon. 26 March 2018, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm ACDT
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Melbourne Tue. 27 March 2018, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm AEDT
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Sydney Thu. 29 March 2018, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm AEDT
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Pets of TACSI

Dr Ingrid Burkett – Director Learning and Systems Innovation

Name: Basil – Guinea pig

Likes: When Basil was alive (he’s now in another dimension, RIP) he loved eating corn out of the garden…and well, eating anything

Why I love him still: Guinea pigs are very under appreciated…they are non-violent, vegetarian, they purr and they snuggle…what more do you need?

Chris Vanstone – Chief Innovation Officer

Name: Marshall / Kelpie Cross

What she likes: She’s super sociable –  she likes people and other dogs a lot.

Why do you love her: Because our four year old spends most of his time pretending to be a dog, and wanted a playmate. Currently she’s destroying the garden and providing a brilliant excuse to spend more time on the beach and improved our hole-digging efficiency.

Sarah Hurcombe – Principal Public and Social Sector Innovation

Name: Felipe IV (he’s the fourth in a long line of ginger cats called Felipe that my partner Andres has owned over his life). He’s 1 year and 4 months and we rescued him from a pound when he was 3 months old. His other names are Baby Tiger and The Beast.

What he like: He loves demanding food at 4.30am, biting me, scratching our couch and tummy rubs. Every now and then he wants a cuddle (but he has to pretend to be asleep).

Why do you love him: He’s ruined our couch, I’ve got permanent scars from his affections and our landlord definitely won’t give us our bond back but we love him to bits and he’s the most hilarious weirdo we’ve ever lived with.

Bathsheba Adams – Communications and Marketing

Names: Castro (Weimerana-Kelpie), Chloe (Kelpie-Staffy) and Max (Mini Schnauzer/Poodle)

What they like: Snow! Every year we travel to the snow and take them, they love it and of course, spending time with us!

Why we love them: They’re our family, and at the end of a stressful day there’s always a non-judgemental cuddle from each.

Julie Arbon – Organisational Capability Specialist

Name: Cooper Arbon, Aussie Shepherd, on the large side for his breed!

What they like: Hanging out with any of his three Dads & me. Also he has found a way to escape and hide out at the gas station around the corner!

Why we love him: He’s three years young…there are still ‘signs’ of his childhood all around us and he brings our little family together by taking us for walks, bringing lots of joy, and dog hair 🙂

Innovation in Aged Care Challenge

It’s no secret that Australia’s population is ageing. The number of Australians over the age of 65 is expected to more than double by 2055, meaning now is the time to create a community that fully appreciates the economic and social impacts of ageing and is well prepared to harness the opportunities this demographic shift presents.

In response to this societal challenge, Equity Trustees were seeking a way to fund great ideas that would build the capability of Victorian aged care organisations to implement innovative, sustainable changes. With a granting pool of $150,000 over one year, (generously funded by John Saville Eastwood Estate; Selwyn Henry Langston Trust; and Sir John Minogue Bequest and managed by Equity Trustees), Grant Hooper, Senior Manager Grants and Nicole Engleman, Grant Program Manager took the lead partnering with TACSI to develop an innovation challenge approach for granting at Equity Trustees.

What is an Innovation Challenge?

We run Innovation Challenges to support funders, government and philanthropy, to commission and support social innovation. Our Innovation Challenge methodology aims to bring new people into social problem solving and to accelerate the development of their ideas for impact. It also aims to strengthen ideas through the consideration of the three lenses essential in developing innovation that works: desirability, feasibility and viability.

TACSI’s approach to Innovation Challenges follows seven steps. It is part challenge and part accelerator. The exciting thing about Innovation Challenges is that not only does the whole process lead to better outcomes, each step creates its own kind of value for the sector, funding organisation and wider public.

This Innovation Challenge allowed four teams to receive a combination of funding and bespoke mentoring to progress their innovative ideas.

Six months in, the four participating teams have discovered new things about their customers, the value of their solutions and progressing to the next stage of development.

“There is clearly a lot of good work already happening to support people to age well however, at Equity Trustees we came to a view that doing more of the same would not meet the challenges and opportunities presented by an increasingly ageing population. We see the role of Philanthropy as a catalyst for change.  With TACSI’s assistance, the Ageing Innovation Challenge methodology is enabling Equity Trustees to create an environment that supports innovation, fund ideas with strong innovation potential and build the capability of teams in the Aged Care sector in Victoria to innovate and sustain solutions.”

– Nicole Engleman, Grant Program Manager

Lively Home Tech Help

A partnership between Lively and Jewish Care (Victoria) Inc

Lively is a social enterprise that employs young jobseekers to help older people learn how to use technology as a tool for staying connected, pursuing interests and maintaining independence. When significant changes to the aged care system came into effect in 2017, Lively saw an opportunity to scale its service model by partnering with aged care providers and integrating the service with government-funded home care packages. Through this project, Lively has worked with Jewish Care Victoria to design and test a technology help service model that can be delivered to home care recipients and delivered sustainably through aged care partnerships.

“The Ageing Innovation Challenge has given us the space, resources and guidance to engage in the slow and sometimes messy service design process – a process that we would have struggled to invest as much dedicated time, focus and energy in without this financial backing. The learnings from the project so far have already significantly strengthened our service and approach, and we expect this to continue as we enter the second stage of our project. The guidance and support from TACSI has also been invaluable in framing and steering our design approach.”

– Anna Donaldson, Founder and CEO.

The potential for the Internet of Things and machine-learning to enhance the wellbeing of older people living at home

A partnership between Umps Health and Mercy Health

Umps Health is a non-intrusive way to support older people to live in their own homes for longer, while providing family and carers with peace of mind. Our system uses internet-enabled plugs to measure an older person’s interactions with their existing home appliances – like the kettle, TV, toaster and microwave. Our software analyses patterns of behaviour and raises an alert to family by text message when abnormalities are detected.

“The Innovation Challenge has allowed us to co-develop Umps Health’s technology with older Australians and their families. We’ve received very honest feedback, and been able to rapidly implement new product features that we hadn’t previously considered.”

Adam Janke, Co Founder & CEO.

Caring for the Forgotten in Aged Services

Sacred Heart Mission

Our ideas aim to ensure hidden older people living in rooming houses/ boarding houses/ public housing etc. who are unaware of their opportunities for support through the aged care reforms are neither forgotten nor ignored. The new “My Aged Care” make enormous assumptions regarding the accessibility of information and support for older people- call centre computer portal.  It is this group of disadvantaged, marginalized adults who end up in hospitals frequently or aged residential services at a much younger age, because they cannot access community supports and have no informal supports to assist them.

“It has been enlightening, educational and definitely a challenge but offered the luxury to stop, think about our progress (or the barriers to our progress) workshop ideas, take advice, return and try something new.”

– Libby Cross, Manager Sacred Heart Local

On Demand Transport: Mobility As A Solution

A partnership between Link Community Transport and Baptcare

The challenge we are trying to solve is the lack of flexibility with community transport, the resultant lack of choice and control the clients have and the increasing cost to deliver the service. Our idea is to test and find a viable business model for affordable on demand point to point transport for our clients to not only age in place but to thrive in place. Enabling them to be flexible and spontaneous in their travel and thus their lives.

“The Innovation Challenge has been a learning process for our organisation, it has not only challenged us to deliver improved outcomes for our clients it has challenged us to be innovative in the way we plan and deliver projects.”

– Craig Hunter

“TACSI are honoured to be facilitating the Innovation Challenge for Equity Trustees. The rigour Equity Trustees put into building their strategy for the challenge attracted a strong application pool and their genuine commitment to the learning and mentoring element of the challenge is resulting in participant teams rapidly progressing their solutions.”

– Kerry Jones, Principal – Ageing & Partnerships.

It’s Here! Your 2018 Social Change Guide to the Adelaide Fringe and Adelaide Festival.

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On the Patio with Bob

Join our resident associate Bob as he blogs his thoughts about friendship and social isolation in an ageing Australia.

Bob is an ex teacher, volunteer and is an associate at TACSI representing the voice of older Australians.

Read the blog here


Chris Vanstone Future of Work – What we are learning about the future of work.
1st February

PORTABLE Redesigning Work

WOTSO WorkSpace, 217-219 Flinders Street, Adelaide

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Kerry Jones PIA SA State Planning Conference
23rd March 2018

Collective Dreaming: Five Hunches for the Future of Housing.
Going beyond the normal responses of increased supply and traditional home ownership, hear how The Australian Centre for Innovation is re-imagining how we live, particularly as we age, and what that means for planning and building our future cities.

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