All of the winners of the Innovation in Ageing Challenge have been busy in April, hear more about what they have been up to.


Boomers Power the Community

The inaugural meeting of the Steering Group was on 28 April, with representatives from 4 community centres and the Dep. CEO CC SA Inc. We discussed the confirmation of the potential trial sites. The aim is to have BPTC trialled/piloted in up to 4 community centres across the metro area: northeast, south and central plus a close regional setting.

This will provide for quite a diverse spread of demographic participants both in ‘boomers’ and those in the community who are to be targeted for literacy & numeracy assistance.

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Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen has spent the best part of April in the field attempting to better understand pain points, needs, wants and aspirations for meal times and related processes and experiences for older people.

We had intended to leap ahead to testing our Host@Home models in April, however, we decided to take a step back to better understand the issues and problems associated with meal times, eating alone and socialisation rather than jumping ahead to testing possible solutions.

We spent time with 20 Meals on Wheels SA recipients in their homes as well as a small number of non-recipients. We also spent time with members of community groups and clubs during their meetings and group activities discussing issues around food, meal times and socialisation.

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A “full house” of 40 keen networkers came to our third session at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Adelaide to hear entrepreneur Richard Sellar describe how he is continuously searching for opportunities to build his advisory and consulting business.

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