I am useful for:

– Understanding client needs and aspirations.
– Identifying if a project aligns with our values and mission.
– Measuring outcomes.
– Understanding peoples assumptions and perceptions of what TACSI does.
– Sharing information about a project to others.
– Writing proposals.


[expand title=”Start Instructions” swaptitle=”Close”]
Make a new entry in Gather.

  1. Open Gather
  2. Give the entry an identifier (e.g. contact name – project nickname – organisation)
  3. Fill in as many blanks as you can.
  4. Record extra information in the comment boxes (this included app feedback)
  5. Save the form
  6. Repeat each time discussions on this occur until proposal is written
  7. Review your entires by sending a request


[expand title=”Download Instructions” swaptitle=”Close”]

    Download the offline App to your mobile devices.

    1. Visit this page on each device you would like the offline app.
    2. Click the download button.
    3. Follow the instructions to create a bookmark.
    4. On mobile devices you can also create an icon on your home screen giving you quick access to App.



[expand title=”Review Instructions” swaptitle=”Close”]

Review the information collected in Gather.

  1. Click the review button to request a report on a particular project
  2. Fill the gaps
  3. Hit send
  4. Allow an 2 hours for processing
  5. You will receive an email when your report is ready