Children in Australia are more likely to experience abuse or neglect than experience asthma. Today 1 in 4 children are notified to child protection services before the age of 15, and 1 in 19 of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are in out-of-home care.

Despite the billions that have been spent on enquires, redesign and reforms, incidents of abuse and neglect have doubled over the past decade and the number of children entering out-of-home care is escalating.

There is resounding agreement that we need to take a different approach to protecting children and to providing all children with the chance to reach their full potential.

TACSI is working with child protection departments, family services and philanthropy to develop, test and spread the building blocks of better systems.

Flagship projects

Family by Family
Family by Family is a TACSI solution designed with and for families. It’s currently being in trialled in NSW and SA and is developing an evidence base that demonstrates that solutions built on what families want and need can create outcomes for families and government. Our ambition is to spread Family by Family across Australia.

Rethinking Restoration
Rethinking Restoration is a 3 year project to explore and prototype new systems for restoration and family preservation. We’re working with Family and Community Service NSW, in partnership with the Australian Centre for Child Protection, and with generous funding from The Sidney Myer Foundation.

Relevant work