The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a major social innovation that promises to enable choice and control for all people with disabilities – but this will only be realised if the way the NDIS is delivered and the services and supports on offer meet the needs and aspirations of people with disabilities.

TACSI is working with NGO providers small and large, parental support networks and the NDIA itself to ensure that the potential of the NDIS is realised.

Historically, over-subscription and block funding have forced providers to focus on meeting basic needs rather than aspirational goals. The NDIS can change this, but only if people with disabilities seek different kinds of support, and the kinds of services and support on offer are widened.

We’re helping organisations better understand customers’ wants and needs, develop sustainable business models, and build innovation capability.

Major Projects

Sparking Innovation in Employment for Young People with Disabilities
TACSI, in partnership with The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, is working with teams across Victoria to accelerate the development of solutions that have the potential to increase rates of employment for young people with disabilities.

The NDIA Service Delivery Operating Model
The NDIA commissioned TACSI to understand how to to design NDIS services, unpack and test current assumptions about the service delivery models, and help to ensure optimal outcomes for people with a diversity of disabilities.

Relevant work