It’s time to rethink the future of ageing. The number of people over 65 is set to double by 2040, but existing services are already struggling to meet demand.

Consumer-directed care will give more power to older people, yet baby boomers struggle to see how existing service offers will meet their needs and aspirations.

Deregulation of markets for home care and residential care are forcing innovation, but how do we ensure that we provide for the needs and aspirations of all people as they age, not just those who can afford it?

TACSI is working with Australia’s most innovative service providers, civil servants, designers, researchers, and boomers themselves to kickstart a new generation of policies, services and support that will meet the needs of all older people.

Our work

The Innovation Age
The Innovation Age is a TACSI initiative to 
kick-start the development of a new generation of policies, support and services with and for Australia’s baby boomers. Our initial focus is ‘home and housing’ – we want to develop new ways to enable boomer to live how they want to live.’

Weavers is a TACSI solution designed from scratch with carers of older people. It’s currently being trialled in SA to evaluate its impact on carers of people experiencing cognitive decline. Our ambition is to spread Weavers across Australia.

Relevant work