Over the last month our co designer Adele Liddle has used a combination of  co-design methods and personal research to build a picture of the culture at TACSI. Our starting point has been learn what staff and stakeholders care about, think is missing, and are practicing, and to see what new possibilities could emerge out of the hunches and insights these conversations and synthesis revealed.

Three key themes have come to light: CARE, COMMITMENT & CONVERSATIONS. In a recent learning event, we unpacked these in small groups through reflection and generative conversations. Our next steps is to design, prototype and test ideas with the purpose of cultivating our culture across each of these areas.

This is an important milestone for TACSI as we explore what it means to be a sustainable organisation in the most holistic sense, allowing our staff to thrive and developing effective ways to continue innovating for those most in need. We also hope to share what we learn with other organisations facing similar challenges. Get in touch if you have questions, would like to know more or you would like to receive updates on how we’re going.