It is unacceptable that Australia rests with vast amounts of inequality. For five consecutive years, Australia has had the highest levels of median wealth in the world, yet poverty and poor outcomes for certain groups are at an all-time high. Every year we spend billions on social programs, yet still little changes. We simply can no longer keep funding more of the same.


The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) exists to develop, test and spread innovations that change lives for the people who need it most. At the heart of TACSI lies the fundamental belief that people are the experts in their own lives. We believe that the best innovations come from working alongside the people who face the very challenges we’re trying to solve.

We know the challenges we face are bigger than one organisation, or a handful of new service models – so we work and partner with other organisations committed, as we are, to better outcomes for people. We share with them our proven approach to innovation and learn from their expertise. We need everyone on board to build social systems that work for people.

TACSI was established In 2009 on the recommendation of Geoff Mulgan, CEO of NESTA and at the time South Australian Thinker in Residence. During our first 2 years we conducted a range of bold experiments and built a team to develop and test a radical approach to innovation powered by people. Our work in the area of families and child protection led to the development of Family by Family and our work in ageing and caring led to the development of Weavers.

The issues we tackle are hard and the solutions aren’t clear. But we’re committed to being bold and taking risks in search of solutions where it matters most. You can hold us to that!

Our values

We’re driven by a strong belief that all Australians deserve to live great lives – not just to get by.

We’re serious about impact, especially for people facing the most challenging circumstances.

We believe innovation starts with people, because we believe people are the experts in their own lives. Understanding what works for people in all contexts is the key to driving change.

We believe good intentions aren’t enough – innovation requires a rigorous approach. You have to be prepared to ask hard questions, take risks and fail before you succeed.

We practice what we preach – we learn by doing, and test out our ideas and assumptions in our own real projects. Theory and practice go hand in hand.

We’re committed to learning and sharing – we want to continually deepen and broaden our knowledge by learning from the best in the world, from each other and from our community.