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We’d love your help to design what policy and other conditions need to be in place for you to secure competitive profit and create high levels of secure occupancy for tenants. By secure occupancy, we mean the extent to which renters can make a home and stay there for reasonable periods of if they wish to, provided they meet their obligations.

We believe you, as landlords, have a critical role to play in changing the value of renting in Australia, especially for people 50+ who are renting. We believe policy needs to be developed and tested with landlords and renters.

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Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010

How you’ll help us

We are seeking three 1 hour sessions with you between now and early next year.


Assist testing our ideas

The method we use to do this is called prototyping. We will create a simulated policy (based on insights we already have) to test with you and others.



Give us your feedback

We want to hear your feedback – what works, doesn’t work, where the gaps are etc.


Redraft, re-test, repeat

Taking your insights into account we redraft the policy, test it again with you and so on until we reach a version that works.



Wider Review

We can then take our refined policy to a wider number of people for their response.

Your assistance is valued

Creating a positive impact for people is rewarding in itself and we will thank you for your participation with a voucher.

Interested and want to know more? Contact:

Kerry Jones
Principal of Ageing, Disability & Partnerships
08 7325 4994 office | 0404 475 057 mobile | kerry.jones@tacsi.org.au

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